Boomveer on roofs


With this innovative and unique concept, trees can be applied where that previously was not possible. Because of the limited weight of the interface, and a smart positioning of the Boomveer on the roof edge, it is possible to create roof landscapes that on the scale of a neighbourhood, a district or even a city deliver a tangible contribution both inside and outside buildings to light, air and water management. Applying the Boomveer on rooftops will create shadow that in its turn will reduce the cooling load, energy consumption and CO2 production.


boomveer on ground level


In urban areas with extensive pavement structures and a high building density it is not natural to plant trees because of the risk of damage to the underground infrastructure by root grow.

Because of the absence of root grow outside the interface there are no conflicts with underground infrastructure (cables and pipelines). On ground level the trees have a cooling effect because of the shadow they create and the evaporation of water through the leaves.

With the Boomveer it is possible to improve, intensify and enlarge the green space(-s) in urban areas and with that improve the quality of living and working conditions in cities in a sustainable manner.




A first prototype has been placed on the Green Village at the TU Delft in 2015. The purpose of this prototype was to assess whether a tree actually could survive if he is not standing (fixed) in the soil. The tree is literally taken out of his comfort zone.

The tree is suspended in a construction in such a way that the tree is experiencing stability and also can be fed. The tree is currently still standing on the Green Village and is actually doing fine! Every spring the crown of the tree (a multistemmed Birch) showed well developed foliage and there is growth of stem size and crown volume.

In 2018 several prototypes with different tree types were developed for further research.

Boomveer in front of the Prêt-à-Loger house at the Green Village

Boomveer in front of the Prêt-à-Loger house at the Green Village