a living climate machine


Trees are our best option to help our cities adapt to climate change. Up to now, aesthetics has been the main driver for landscape design and the development of green spaces in urban areas. From now on however, climate change and the improvement of living and working conditions in urban areas, will have to be the leading arguments. However, trees are more and more being banned from urban areas because they are a problem for the (underground) infrastructure. And for a sustainable application of trees on existing roofs trees are much too heavy. The global rapid urbanization requires therefore smart technical solutions to improve, intensify and enlarge the green space(-s) in urban areas in a simple way.



A Boomveer is a tree suspended in a technical interface. The interface contains no ground. Because of the absence of ground the weight and volume of the root structure is reduced to less than 20% compared to standard conditions. An extra benefit is that there is no root grow outside the interface.

Roof 'scapes'

By placing the trees on the roof edge above the outer walls or on other bearing parts it is possible to create a green ‘crown’ on buildings. This way you can develop a roofgarden that gives shadow and offers beside privacy a pleasant place to be in the summer.


innoVIRENS has worked hard at Ebben nurseries in Cuijk to create a variety of prototypes with different trees. In this case equipped with measurement and control technology designed and provided by HB Watertechnology in Utrecht.